How do I change the way images are positioned?

DIVE does its best to automatically position Post images on-screen so that they look good. That said, when you want to be more explicit about how to position an image you can use the "Image layout" feature in the Display Options portion of the Post Editor.


  • Automatic (default): the image will be positioned automatically on-screen, based on its size and aspect ratio
  • Show entire image, scaling up or down as needed: The image will be resized to fit entirely on the screen. It may be scaled up (if it's too small) or scaled down (if it's too large). For instance, if you're trying to fit a high-resolution portrait-oriented image onto a landscape screen it may need to be scaled down so that the whole image can be seen.
  • Show entire image, scaling down only: The image will be resized to fit entirely on the screen, but it won't ever be scaled up. Use this option when you have a low-resolution image that doesn't look good when scaled up to fit on a high-resolution screen.
  • Completely cover blank space with image: The image will be resized so that no blank space is left on the screen. Parts of the image may end up hidden when you use this option.

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