How to create a post

Create a custom post by launching "Edit Content" from your home page:

Then click on "Add Post":

STEP 1: Select a template that fits your needs.

STEP 2: Once you have chosen a template, enter a title, subtitle (optional) and body for your post. You can also customize the text and background color by clicking on the color swatch and choosing a color.

STEP 3: In Display Options, you can choose:

  • where the post will appear (ticker and/or player or main screen)
  • fullscreen playback (learn more)
  • show or hide the title
  • display the publication time

STEP 4: If you have more than one screen or content zone, you can now select where you want this post to appear.

STEP 5: Now decide when you want this post to be published and, optionally, how long to display it on-screen. Note: The default duration is 20 seconds

Now that you have your post drafted, you can choose to preview the post, save it as a draft (to come back later and edit or finish) or save and publish.

Here's what our test post looks like in preview. Keep in mind that the dimensions/layout may be different between your computer and the target screens where you plan to show your posts.

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