How do I hide the Title Bar and Ticker while showing a Post?

When creating or editing a post you can choose to show the Title Bar and Ticker on-screen while your post plays, or select "Fullscreen Playback" to hide the Title Bar and Ticker, thus dedicating the entire screen to your post content.

Fullscreen Playback is available when you're editing a Post, in the Display Options section:

Hiding the Title Bar and Ticker is recommended for content that looks best standalone. For example, let's say you've created a digital image for a bulletin board poster, and you want to use this same image on DIVE. In this case you probably don't need the Title Bar and Ticker to be visible, as they don't add any new information. (Often a digital poster has its own title built into the image.) Turn on Fullscreen Playback and the Title Bar and Ticker will not be shown while your post plays.

Conversely, turn off Fullscreen Playback so that the Title Bar can provide additional context for your post to be understood. For example, a post welcoming a new employee might have a title like, "Welcome, Sally!" shown above a picture of the new employee. The title bar gives anyone glancing at the screen enough context to understand what it's about.

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