How do I login?

DIVE uses a password-less login system. You need only an email address to login; no password. Here's how it works:

To begin with, a DIVE staff member or your DIVE account administrator will send you an email invitation to join DIVE. Clicking this link takes you to the DIVE website and automatically logs you in.

DIVE remembers that you're logged in for 2 weeks. Every time you perform any new activity within DIVE your login session is extended for another 2 weeks. After 2 weeks of inactivity you'll eventually be logged out.

To get a fresh login link, go to and click "Login" at the top the page. DIVE will send you an email with a fresh login link.

The invitation links and login links sent via email expire after a while. If your link has expired, just request a new one.

As with most websites these days, login sessions on DIVE are specific to a single web browser. If you access DIVE via multiple web browsers you'll need to navigate to the login link in each browser you want to use.

Important: do not share your login link or give others access to your email address. Anyone with a copy of your link can login to DIVE as if they were you.

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