What bit rate and frames per second does DIVE support?

DIVE plays MP4/H.264 videos and YouTube video streams.

Here's what is working well for our customers so far:

  • Standard frame rates of 24, 25 or 30. You can also try higher rates, but we have not experimented with that ourselves.
  • Plan for video output that looks good on your highest-resolution target screens. Most of our customers view DIVE on 1080p screens, so make sure your bitrate supports that.
  • YouTube video recommendations are decent and should work for DIVE. For example see "1080p" under Bitrate... for standard frame rates they recommend a bitrate of 8 Mbps.

Always test a few short samples first to narrow in on what works best for your target screens (not just your own computer screen) before proceeding to record or transcode lots of video.

Playback quality also depends a great deal on the hardware and browser you're using. DIVE-owned media computers use recent versions of Google Chrome. If you're running DIVE on your own computers you may use any supported web browser.

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